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KP-6c the neweste handhold inkjet printer

Capability dates£º
1¡¢ Printing head: imported with original packaging.
2¡¢ Printing head control chip: imported with original packaging.
3¡¢Printing high£º2--17mm
4¡¢Printing speed£º1m/sounds
5¡¢Printing resolution£º200*100¡ª400dpi
6¡¢Printing contents£ºChinese words,english words,numbers,images,bar codes,serial number and other special marks.
7¡¢Printing distance£º1-15mm can be adjusted
8¡¢Printing information length£ºunlimited
9¡¢ink color£ºblack,red,green,blue,quick-drying ink,and oiliness ink,
10¡¢anti-fake ink:invisibility ink and color changes ink.
11¡¢Working temperature£º-10¡ã¡ª50¡ã
12¡¢Power needs£º175-250V 50-60HZ
13¡¢Fit to wooden industry,carton industry and packing printing industry.
14¡¢No solvent,No Pollution.
15¡¢ Do not need maintain.
1¡¢It can save 500 massages,and could use at any time.
2¡¢LCD,and easy to operate.
3¡¢ Light weight, small size,easy to moved,Do not need charging by others. And Adopt LG Liion.Can work about 24 hours per time.
4¡¢Can print all kinds of fonts,marks,logos,images,bar codes,etc.
5¡¢Operate system and operate method are easy to learn.
6¡¢For the whole machine are make of by imported parts,capability is stable,and Sturdy and durable.
7¡¢Save Consumable,one box ink for it can print 12x12mm fonts about 1.25 millions words.
8¡¢It easy to add ink,only put the ink box on it is ok. Do not use thinner,Do not need to clean the printing head.
We warranty:
Main-Board will free change within one years. And with in two years maintain. In whole life protect,within ten years maintain the cost can not exceed USD$80.00 dollar.